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Every now and then, you need a deep cleaning service that really leaves your home or office feeling totally refreshed. We’ll reach the spots that normal cleaning simply can’t, removing dust, cobwebs, dirt and grime that other services leave behind. Consider our deep cleaning services for your:

  • Living Room: We’ll not only clean the surfaces you can see, but we’ll clean the lampshades, air conditioning ducts, windows, move and clean the furniture, curtains and carpet.
  • Kitchen: We’ll clean and disinfect the surfaces, tops of the cupboards, kitchen hood and appliances like your stove, fridge and dishwasher. Where we can, we’ll move the appliances out of the way and clean them, and the floor and walls, too.
  • Bathroom: Bathroom: We’ll eliminate any limescale and mould build-up in your bath, shower, sinks and toilets. We’ll also clean your tiles and grout, and thoroughly wash the shower curtain and bathroom mats.
  • Bedroom: We’ll buff every window, mirror and glass surface spotless while also taking care of your appliances, furniture, air-conditioning unit and fittings.