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Allow Pine Fresh Cleaning Services to carry out, Disinfection & Sanitization done safe, sustainable, and healthy living solutions for all areas of your home/office using the most advanced eco-friendly technologies.

Please consider that to prevent the spread of infection and dangerous diseases, this service is carried out by technicians who do not exhibit any symptoms. They also have protective gear to ensure your safety. Expert cleaners at Pine Fresh Cleaning Services create a safe and virus-free environment by providing the best disinfection service in the region. We clean and disinfect a broad range of residential & offices to ensure complete protection against all kinds of pathogenic microorganisms. Also, sanitisation and disinfection is a service which has a 99.99% chance to remove the germs from all surfaces in your homes/office. But keep in mind that it can't protect from spreading if you have sick people in home or office.

The perks of the treatment are... It is perfectly safe for one and all including pets and animals. The products we use are non- toxic, the best bio-safe ingredients that are free from harmful toxins and odourless; It leaves odour and sense of cleanliness; It eliminates germs immediately; disinfection services to protect your loved one at home and colleagues in the office. We use hospital-grade disinfectants to ensure complete safety for you and your family. Thus, eliminating disease- causing germs from every corner in a toxic-free way.